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Business Coaching Services

Do you find yourself so caught up in the day to day tasks involved in running a business that you lose focus on your goals, strategies and dreams?  Do you find yourself with potentially great business ideas but are […]

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Webinars & Worshops

At Raff Business Coaching, we’re here to help you improve all aspects of your business.  One way we do that is by providing training and education seminars on various topics of interest to the small […]

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Client Testimonials

“It is a pleasure to work with Suzannah Raff. She knows her business inside out and took my business to the next level. Suzannah is thorough,  organized, warm and personable; she made me feel encouraged and confident […]


Website Strategy and Development

Yachad Canada came to me with a common problem – they had the limited budget of a non-profit organization and huge needs. They understood the power of social media, especially as it relates to the beauty […]


Web Design and Development

I had the pleasure of working with the super-creative and popular, Jew in the City, helping them re-design the entire website.  The Jew in the City strategy uses social media and the web as a tool to spread their message to […]


Web Design and Development

SephardicLegacySeries. The client hired me to convert their old website into a wordpress website.  We ended up doing a complete remake of his old website with a new and updated design implementing his logo/color schemes in […]

Recent Articles

Treasure Mapping to Achieve Business Goals

Have you ever really strongly wanted to achieve something?  Have you ever tried closing your eyes and imagining yourself “there”?  Try it.  Close your eyes and imagine yourself ‘there’ achieving your dream.  Imagine yourself touching […]

The M&Ms of Marketing

These colorful, cheerful, uniform and sweet candy coated chocolates that are the M&M candy are a perfect association for what we call the M&Ms of Marketing: your Marketing Mix.  Contrary to popular belief, marketing is […]